Sunday, January 29, 2006

Rice Lake Township Statistics

Okay, I was adding the "Rice Lake Township" link that's on the right hand side of this page and noticed a couple things of interest.

1) I want to know who the individual(s) of Pacific Islander descent are. Ray Gamache?
2) Apparently Arnold is a "city" and it is "included" in the township?
3) Lastly and amazingly, the average median age of men is slightly higher than that of the women, which could imply several things. The old men don't go into retirement homes outside the township until a year or two after their wives? RLT women don't enjoy the significant extension of life span most American woman enjoy (smoking, drinking, being married to RLT men being the cause)? The woman aren't considered members of society / don't leave the house and don't respond to census surveys? Not sure.

Here's the page.


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